About us

Enhancing Health

After the success of our dispensary, we decided to take the extra step to enhance the lives of our patients. We strive to provide education, supplies, and wellness to those looking to boost their health.

Breathing a new life into health, we offer healthy and safe solutions for those looking for alleviation. We source high quality products from a variety of trusted vendors to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

Our Mission

Inspiring to enhance health by providing education, supplies, and wellness to our community.

We are dedicated to delivering education about holistic wellness. We aim to create an environment that emphasizes the importance of informing our patients about our products.
We launched Kannavis Trading Co. to provide customers with high quality and effective products that will enhance their health. We offer supplies to promote your lifestyle and wellbeing.
We strive to provide others with the wellness they need to live their lives the best way they can. Our wellness products are safe and reliable, helping you feel the most at ease.